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Personal Message

Welcome to My Profile ~


 Fangirls, Ghosties, Psychotics, Dreamers, Wonderlanders

  Writer Status: Semi-inactive

  Reader Status: Semi-active

  Fangirl Status: 24/7 active

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 I may seem harmless to you a first but once you get to know me more, you'll regret how you first thought about me. 

I'm weird, extremely weird and dangerous, psychotic at times as well. In the real world, my juniors, seniors, friends, and family think that I'm always that happy girl who seems carefree at all times. But, only those who truly choose to take a step further will realize that I'm not as happy as I am. I can be the brightest blue angel that everyone likes and the darkest black devil which no one likes.

But, I don't bite at all so feel free to add me *^^*
If you dare

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❥ My eyecandie(s): Yoo Taeyang because this boii is hot asf & wants me to die ㅠㅠ

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The reason why I started writing?

I started out as a writer who is extremely poor in story plot and English. *gets bricked* I initially started AFF with a story that I've deleted
My main reason for writing is because things that can't happen in reality can happen in stories. #deep HAHAHlong long ago and also a few other stories that got deleted as well. But, after I got the hang of writing stories, I started writing more and more. Slowly, I learn how to develop my storyline better and also have better story plot. But that is all the reasons of how I got here today ^^ 

Check out all my stories ✍(◔◡◔)

About Me

 music is my escape from the harsh reality

Everyone would agree with me that listening to music just legit, legit shut the whole world out. Right? (or am I the only one who feels this way?) no, but seriously, who doesn't listen to music?

music is basically my life, get it?

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“ I'm not CrazyMy Reality is just different than yours. ”

A smol girl in this big world that loves ANIME and KPOP.

Yes, anime and kpop are my daily dose of.. drugs(?) I literally can't go a day without anime or kpop. Either one of it will make my whole day 101% better. That is how powerful anime and kpop are and how much they've made an impact on my life. Since young, I've grown up in an environment that fills me with anime. That's how I grew to love anime. Secondly, comes kpop. It's just hard to explain my love for them. It's huge okay?

I literally can't imagine my life without ANIME and KPOP.

Can't able my love for them? I think the exit sign is pretty near here..

 You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret: All the Best People are. 

I'm both a writer and reader. But, I tend to read more than I write (cause I'm really bad at being a good writer *sobs*)

As a writer, I tend to write more on boyxboy. I'm willing to try girlxboy but it'll depend on who is the main male lead of the story *winks* Mostly will be my bias HAHAH #notguilty

As a reader, I tend to read more on boyxboy (just like writing). Only read girlxboy if it's my bias (Why can't I?) BUT!! I only read my favorite ships. Other than my favorite ship, sorry-not-sorry please leave my profile.

 We're All Mad Here. 

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Even though I will always be just another fangirl in the sea of millions, I shall support you until the end.

The groups & fandoms that I'm proud to be stanning:

Super Junior - ELF // SHINee - Shawol // Infinite - Inspirit // VIXX - St☆ rlight // BTS - ARMY

 [ 2011 - Present ]  [ 2012 - Present ]

 [ 2013 - Present ]

 [ 2014 - Present ]  [ 2016 - Present ]

 Saw Infinite on 131115 (Infinite Effect in SG)
Saw SHINee & Bangtan on 040817 (Music Bank in SG)
Saw VIXX on 021217 (Shangri-La in SG)
Saw Super Junior on 270118 (Super Show 7 in SG)



» Fangirl since 2011.

Fell into the big whirlpool all because of MAMA'11 when it was held in Singapore. I have to thank my friend for that cause she told to watch it and BAM, here I am. Sadly, before MAMA I wasn't a fan of kpop even though I know bits and pieces of it. But, it was then that I got into kpop and ended up being a fangirl for quite long. I'm proud to say that I don't even regret falling into this whirlpool. *proud fangirl* In the beginning, I told myself I only wanted to stan just one group. But, look at me now ._. (So much for only wanting to stan just one group, HA. No regrets though~ )

fellow fangirl too? Come join the dark side *smirks


♡  Bias List? Bias List. ♡

A person you love, but will never be yours

No, but really, do you ever think that your bias will even notice you among millions and millions of fans? If he does, you're sure one effing lucky fan then.
(Edit: I was legit noticed by Jimin & Hakyeon  ㅠㅠ)



 { Kim Ryeowook //  { Lee Jinki [Onew] //  { Nam Woohyun //  { Cha Hakyeon [N]


  { Park Jimin //  { Kim Jongdae [Chen]


  • The bias wreckers of my life...

Lee Hyukjae // Kim Seokjin // Kim Namjoon

*my bias wreckers list will forever be a mess like my lifeu ㅠㅠ*


❤ Beloved One True Pairing ❤

How two people are the perfect match for each other

Look at all dem ships that I ship XD Love dem all so so much cause seriously, just see their moments and you'll understand why.

KyuWook - EunHae // JongKey - 2Min // WooGyu - YaDong // NBin // JiKook - NamJin - VHope - YoonSeok (Sope)

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The End