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If I were to make an alternative universe Ongniel Wanna One story, what direction would you like to see it go?

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Annyung! This is me:




Just call me Rachel/Raina Unni or Unni, since I'm probably older than everybody keke. If you want to be my friend outside of AFF, just ask and I'll tell~ I have tumblr, facebook, twitter and skype. I really love to get to know new people and I think Kpop lovers should stick together and make good friends ^^


I love Kpop! It's pretty much all I've listened to since 2008 and I know a lot of Korean artists and groups. I'm 22 and I go to Western Washington University in America, majoring in Japanese and Communications.


I love reading(mainly manga and fanfics), shopping, taking walks, writing, dancing, singing, watching dramas and movies, but my main interest is languages as I'm studying Japanese and Korean. Some things I like are seafood, pasta, sweets, ice cream, tigers, cats, huskies, pink, fashion, anime, and sunny days. Some things I dislike are spinach, bugs, spicy food, sharks, swimming in the ocean, being scared by people, vulgarity, and stereotypes.


I am living in Korea! And I lived in Japan for awhile. You can message me in three languages, cool right? keke.




About Me

There's only one thing you need to know about me: I'm a Locket and a Shawol. As many groups as I love, SHINee is my absolute favorite! I know a lot about them, I write about mostly them, I blog about them including a ton of recent information, pictures, videos, and they have stolen my heart unconditionally. I ship all couples and enjoy reading/writing about them as heteroual men too. I hope we can fangirl about them together! Feel free to ask me anything about them and subscribe to my blogs if you're interested.


Key is my rolemodel, my ideal type, my dream man, and the love of my life <3 I love everything about him, even his faults.
















Somehow my profile turned into a Key shrine haha. It would actually take me days and days to explain all the reasons I like him, why he's my ultimate bias, but I hope you get an idea just from these gifs. There's a lot that makes up who he is and so I hope you'll pay close attention to him and keep an open mind when you watch stuff with SHINee. I like how he looks, I love his personality, I love all the characteristics of him, all his little habits, how he's strange, funny, cute, y, shy, sweet, outgoing all at different times. I really admire how mature and confident he is yet still young, fun, humble and just real. I love how he's Almighty and so talented in so many things, but especially I love his dancing. I think I mostly just love him because he always makes me smile ^^


A close second in ultimate biases is Kim Jonghyun. I think that he is such a great person, really funny, really romantic and he's really y. He is my ideal boyfriend type. He also has my favorite voice of all time, I can just get lost when I listen to him sing. I think it's pretty accurate to say I'm a closet Blinger haha. I truly do love me some puppysaurus, sometimes he just melts my heart <3 And I do oh so wish he would do skinship with me keke.





These two are the ultimate ual frustration for me, especially when they are together! XD Though honestly, in general, they are just freaking cute together and they make the best gay couple.





That was from several years ago though. Now I am currently in love almost as much with Wanna One's Kang Daniel and Ong Sungwoo. I will start writing stories with them and be following then from now on. Since SHINee has been on a hiatus for so long now. Who knows what will happen to them with them being at drafting age as well...Sigh...Let's heal our hearts from that depressing thought with these cuties that are just starting their journey and hopefully won't be going under the radar any time soon. 

Kang Daniel(blonde and pink) & Ong Sungwoo(brunette)



They're both so cute, handsome, y, funny and talented! If you watch Produce 101, I guarentee you will fall for them!




My More Current Kpop Ranking:

Groups I know everyone's names and faces:

  1. SHINee

  2. Wanna One

  3. Infinite and Ikon are tied

  4. Got 7

  5. Winner

  6. Big Bang

  7. 2ne1

  8. DBSK

  9. Super Junior

  10. F(x)

  11. SNSD

  12. IU

  13. Beast

  14. 2PM

  15. Ukiss

  16. 2AM

  17. CN Blue

  18. Ft. Island

  19. Rain

  20. Se7en

  21. BoA

  22. Teen Top

  23. B1A4

  24. Miss A

  25. Brown Eyed Girls

  26. B.A.P.

  27. EXO


Groups I only know some of the names and faces but I like their music:


    1. After school

    2. Twice

3. Mamma Moo

​​​​​4. 4 Minute

    5. Girl's Day

    6. Sister

    7. Secret

    8. Wonder Girls

    9. Block B

   10. Nuest

   11. A Pink


   13. Rania



Biases Boys:

   1. Jonghyun

   2. Key

   3. Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwoo, Kim Samuel

   4. G-Dragon and Bobby

   5. L

   6. Woohyun

   7. Yesung

   8. Leeteuk

   9. Hyunseung

   10. Kikwang

   11. Taecyeon

   12. Yunho

   13. Seunghyun

   14. Minhyuk

15. JB 

16. Jr

  17. Minho and Seunghyun of winner

     18. L. Joe

   19. Changjo

    20. Yongguk

    21. Chen

    22. Kai




Biases Girls:

   1. Sandara

   2. IU

   3. Seohyun

   4. Tiffany and Taeyeon

   5. Victoria

   6. Luna

   7. Hyuna

   8. Nana

   9. Gahi

   10. Min ah

   11. Hyorin


There, so now you know a bit about me and I entertained you, I hope ^^ I'll see you in my blogs and stories!!