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This account mostly serves as a pleasure for reading. If you look for my fanfictions, then you can find them here: Master ficlist @ livejournal and alternatively, @ dreamwidth =)

Possible stories being posted here include newer one shots and chaptered stories of different fandoms, as well as crossovers and a broad set of different pairings. Most will still be YunJae.

This being said, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Also the icon picture was randomly found at tumblr. I don't own it.

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About Me

The name's Chrissie, I love to write fanfictions mostly under the name haru_ran. The couple I love the most is YunJae. ♥

German is my mother tongue, I prefer writing in English a lot more. I have music running through my veins and am a lazy .

東方神起 is my life, and I ship YunHo with JaeJoong hard. =)♥

Other fandoms I adore: Nell, Hannibal, Criminal Minds, Penny Dreadful. Also a broad range of animanga stuff, books and movies.