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Accept things you can't change 

Change things you can't accept!

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Hello everybody! I'm Han Yi and I was born in 1999. I live in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam. I'm not a crazy girl but I'm also not normal. My life sometimes not real because I always imagine some wonderful things about friends and school. I'm sociable, sometimes do somethings crazy, quite talkative and quite. Total, I'm a strange person. Always change myself and always change hobbies. So far, I've started writting about 10 fics but I only post 3 fics. The reason is because I still have some problem in my fic and my time. And I'm so lazy, too :D 

I like listening to music, reading book or magazine or more..., writting and I also like singing to but I sing very terrible ^^. I'm Kpop's fan but I'm not SNSD's fan, I'm AFS (anti fan snsd group in Viet Nam). Now, I'm crazy because of B.A.P and Teen Top. I always bored quickly, and that 's the reason why I always change my favourite band. The first song of Kpop I listened in 2011 is Haru Haru of Big Bang, but the first band I liked is Super Junior. During the time I like them, I always think I'll an E.L.F and one day, I'll stand in the Sapphire Blue Ocean to shout thier names. But I still do it, I realize my love isn't for Super Junior, my love is for Kpop. My classmates are E.L.Fs and they aren't happy when they know I don't want to be an E.L.F. One of them said I'm a traitor of E.L.F community, I relly sock beacause of that statement. In fact, she may be true but I think the hobby of each other isn't same, no rule bans the people can't choose the idol they like. 

My favourite couples are Jo Twins (Boyfriend), all couples of B.A.P, KiSeung and JunSeob (Beast), MyungJong (Infinite), ChunJoe (Teen Top), more and more... I can't tell all!

May be I wrote too much. Time to stop! ^^~