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Do note that I do not update any more on AFF. If you do not have a Livejournal account, do create one and join my community by visiting the livejournal link below. ^_^


About Me

Who am I? I'm arastal, an amateur writer. I am also an otaku; a nerd who reads manga, watches anime, and even collects the merchandise. I'm a casual gamer. I used to post my  stories over at winglin but I hated winglin for it's lack of rules, mess, and terrible layout, I've decided to shift over. However, my main site is (previously [email protected])

What you can find out the main site? More series, sequels, and drabbles that are not posted here. 

What are the pairings that I write? I only write DBSK/JYJ. yunjaeho or yoosuchun pairing preferebly. Maybe changkyumin.

Any other ways of contact? Feel free to add me as friends on twitter/livejournal/tumblr ( @arastal, sanityscream) 

Any other interests? :: BL; ; SHOUNEN-AI; MECHA :: GAMING, ANIME, MANGA. 

If you are interested in my interests or we do share common interests, you can visit my My Anime List (MAL): and check out my Anime and Manga List :)