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Welcome c;

Herro ! My name is Michelle , could call me any name you would like . As for a small introduction about myself; I'm currently 15. 
As most or not most, people know me as a graphic designer here although I'm not that known on AFF. Its alright c; 
My experience for graphics isn't that long ago. [ May 2012 ] So I only have 3-4 months of experience on designing graphics. Designing has now become one of my hobbies but also something that I'll do when I'm bored or is inspired by some other talented graphic designers on AFF. I don't only have interests in graphic designing but I'm like interested in almost everything. Astronomy, piano, well the common things that other girls or gals would say. I might sound some kind of hyper if you get to talk to be more but please don't think I have mental issues ;[ although my friends do call me Ms.Mental.. oh whatever that information wasn't need LMAO. 

Please don't be afraid to PM me or wallpost me. I'm pretty friendly I'd say. But if you were to add me before getting to know me, the first thing that would come straight to my mind is that this person just adds random people so she could get more 'friends'. So please add me only if you want to get to know me otherwise I won't even respond to your request. 

Well being here on AFF obviously mean that I'm here to either meet new friends to leave reality for the time being and fangirl with my other friends, or I'm here just to stalk people ;3 . But the main reason ofcourse is fanfictions and kpop. Talk to me about INFINITE, UKISS, TEENTOP, BAP&EXO, I would love to fangirl with you until dawn about these amazing talented boys c; 

Graphic Designing Status ; 4months of Experience& On a 3-Month Hiatus.

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This section is dedicated to the people that I've met on aff. They're important to me and I cherish them. 
Like I've never met anyone else other than my few other close friends that I would get along with. I only keep a few important close buddies with me. 

-xNerdrii [ Ari ]
Before I start this paragraph and get all so emotional, I need a some kind of oxygen to prevent me from laughing or crying LOL.
Anyways, this girl I swear that shes one of the few I would love and be laughing all over the place. Whenever I talk to her, its either we're laughing like idiots on cam and being random [ not me but her c; ] or we're just idek being our stupid selves. I seriously don't know what to say cause shes simply awesome from my point of view. She might be sitting behind her computer laying down with her headphones on and laptop ready to slap her face. Shes definitely gorgeous, humorous. kind, idek what else to describe her. Talk to her and you would know what I mean. Its even amazing that we have so much in common  and we only knew each other for idk a month ? Not even a year has passed and I consider her as a friend that I would cherish so much that I don't have a problem defending her from other people that dares to offend her in any way possible. Ariya is a friend thats irreplaceable and definitely one of a kind. Yo Arii if you're reading this don't keep in whatever your hiding and you should confront your friends about your problems. Although I know you do and I'm not one of them but I'll be here supporting you always <3. I'm not that affetionate since I feel weird showing my emotions with words but I love you c; 

MoonGlowes [ Henry ]
Henry Henry, where do I start ? You're really the first guy that I ever consider would consider thats important to me. You're a special friend of mine. We have our differences and similarites but we have more diferences than similiarites. You love heavy metal/rock while I love ballads/pop/calm songs. Our perferances are the exact opposite yet its a miracle how close we even got. Looking back at our messages, and remembering staying up late during the summer makes me so happy. I would still love to stay up until 6AM just to talk to you. Not kidding, I really would. I don't even talk to boys, not that I have some kind of phobia but I really don't. But with you, I feel like you're no different than how I talk to my other girl friends. What I mean is that I'm not treating you as a girl but somehow when I talk to you I just feel so comfortable. Our awesome conversations to our revenages. Our skits are seriously epic LOL. All with the creeping with Pedo-Chan and /insert your nickname here cause I can't say it here/ LOL. I know you're busy and I'm busy at the moment but I believe that sometime when we both have our holidays we would return to what we usually did back in the summer. I seriously missed talking to you but it can't be helped that you're so busy and I know Juniors  are usually the hardest year in highschool. But Henry you know I won't judge you in any way but instead I'll be supporting you always c; /insert a heart here cause I feel awkward creating it OTL/ But I love you my friend ;] 

lilcandycane [ Alice ] 
Alice <3 This girl is seriously one of the cutest girls I've ever met. Shes so sweet and cute to the point that I might just pedo on her although I'm only a year older. I find it funny how we live in the same state and we're so close to each other. It'd be nice that we could meet one day. For sure it'll be awkward and all but its alright. We both know that we would get used to each other and talk about lots of stuff that we don't say here. Alice, you're talented. As in school and graphic designing. Studying and majoring in science, and graphics are plainly awesome in many ways thats unexplainable. Sometimes I would even think you're older than me. I don't even know how but yeah. I love how we always rant how fake people and guys. Somehow I would really wish it was back to summer when I would talk to you and Henry, no school thats preventing us to converse as much as we want. I just want to take this chance and say that I miss and love you. I'll be supporting you always and goodlucks in school after all its just your freshmen year. Don't do everything at once but take a break now and then. 

KimMinHae [ My Chinggu ]
Where do I even start ? She awesome. Shes probably the first person I got along with first when I made this account and my shop which she subscribed to and requested. This chinggu of mine is so.... err... OTL what to say ? In my sense shes just unexplainable in a good way. You're freaking nice and all. Although I always replied so late to her wallposts, I love how I look forward to her messages. I always received your message but I just forget to reply. I'm terribly sorry for those messages because of this forgetful me. Don't take it hard on the military training in school. Although I know for sure you would get injured and develop bruises along the way but I'll stay here and be worried cause I care for you. I will support you in every way and I love you my friend. <3 ;D