what is your fave type of book?

  • horror
  • gore
  • calm
  • romance
  • happy
  • action
  • a bunch of fluff/
  • more than one
  • other

Personal Message

Hey guys if there is any drama try not to drag me in it but if you do have problems I don’t mind talking about it or giving advice . Um I’m a furry I do have a Fursona but I’m still me so it’s not a big deal.i like to roleplay rp but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna force you I’m very understanding but I’m new and always bored and up to talk.i watch jacksepticeye markiplier and stuff. I watch supernatural and anime. My fave anime is ah my goddess.i knit a lot and I sell my stuff but I don’t have ways to ship so I’ll only be able to accept purchases if we can meet up. I’m 16 so pedos stay away. so shoot me a message if interested.

About Me

I’m really easy going and kind. I’ve started gauging my ears it’s pretty cool. I’m 420 supporter. I’m pretty much an open book so ask if you wanna know anything nothing will be too personal but I don’t send nudes sorry not currently fighting depression so we could help eachother if you do too. But that’s all there’s more up there^