About Me


My name is Yisabel (sounds like isabelle, but with Y). I'm a big reader but likely to be the silent one. And I'm into applyfics lately (on my old account).



I've been in this site for about 4 years, but something wrong with my email (I did nothing wrong tho) and guess what? I can't use old my account cause i forgot my password and i can't recover it since my email can't be used anymore.

In my real life (and maybe here too), I kinda bad at showing emotion. The sad scene in the movies/dramas or sad story of my friend or wouldn't make me cry. Even my own problem won't work on it. I stressed up a lot these days and it's since I can't express my emotion and always act like I'm happy whatsoever while I'm crying inside. hope I can gain some courage and make friends. *No need to read this*