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Do You Ship Yatori (Noragami)?

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Personal Message

Short quick bio:

Hi! I'm Lily~ I'm a shipper & a nerd- I draw, write, & play violin- I 🖤astronomy, I'm very awkward ;w; and I'm Christian! 

About Me

Hi there ^~^; I'm Lily and you can just visit the link to quotev for more info about me... I'm kinda shy but I'd actually be really happy if you talked to me... Other than writing and posting, I'm kinda quiet online anyways- If you don't wanna visit the link I just could tell you some things- I'm straight I guess, a Libra, and a Christian, I love drawing, reading, writing, and playing the violin. Astronomy really interests me, and I love to read manga and watch anime~ I'm also evidently a shipper- and a nerd. I'm super weird, so... I think I may have a few thought disorders too, but I don't know who to really talk to,

Hahh I hope that gives you a little info  ('v`)/

I also love everyone, at least I try to- and I forgive everyone ((at least I try to)). I never discriminate and I love you if you're nice to me and don't hate me. I love all my friends and family and I appreciate those who talk to me- I appreciate it a whole lot. Some people that talk to me randomly have changed my life in the best ways and I'm very grateful <33