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About Me

I love to read... that's why I've found this site.. IT has all stories of my fave tandems ..

..though sometimes I get to write stories (which I did not know I can at the first place) , it is only due to sudden feels of too much happiness or angst, whichever it may be, hehe! .. and so, I still remain and will always be a READER by heart. ^__^ 


I do have many tandems that I like but It'll take too much space to tell it all.. Hence, I'll just state the most I love no matter what comes..


In the K-pop world... the most I LOVE are..

2NE1 and BIGBANG..




Of course, in all the tandem there is in 2ne1Bang

..the most I follow and well-love is DARAGON..




.. is MY FAVORITE tandem in the K-Pop world...


No wonder, stories about them is the most I've read here...