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Personal Message

Here lies an archive of my thoughts, strung together coherently (or maybe not) in the form of chaptered fanfics and one shots. Most of my fanfics revolve around the life and times of Super Junior, with occasional appearances from the members' families and close colleagues (I'm talking about you, SHINee /wiggles eyebrows). All of my work is purely fictional, even if they might ride on inspiration from real-life events, and if I do make direct references, I will mention them in the beginning to give you a head's up. Most of the time, however, I draw my inspiration from music. You'll understand in due time. Anyway, do leave me feedback if there are things you like (or dislike, yikes) about my fics, and if you have suggestions, all the better! I'd love to hear from ya so I can improve my writing skills. I hope you enjoy my work!

About Me

I'm a veteran ELF. I've loved the group since their Don't Don era but have only recently decided to support them wholeheartedly and in the open for reasons I'd rather not disclose (coughs, bullies, coughs). Eunhyuk/Lee Hyukjae is my ultimate bias, and is followed closely by Mr Bias Wrecker, Lee Donghae. I'm also a closet Shawol, and in particular, a Blinger (thus explaining the random guest appearances the group of five might make in future fanfics). I'm super active on Twitter (@/lmaohae) and run a Super Junior pun account (@/supunjunior) so be sure to check them out and, uh, follow if you'd like so you can keep up with updates on the progress of my fanfics. I rant a lot too. Can't help it; I'm both a hard and soft stan so these men drive me nuts at times.

Okay I've said too much.