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If you still have a pen and some paper and the thoughts are there then just go with it, whats the harm?

About Me

The ideas are there, Just have to figure out how to put them into words. As long as I'm writing there's peace.

"There's nothing more complicated..." -RockStar

"People talk, what are you going to do. they see and say what they want. All we have to do is let them be and define ourselves." -Atlas, The Sea of People

"She's a mother, all mother's are that way. Just as all Father's are protective of their little girls"- Leon, Sacrifices of Love

"Doesn't matter the season or the platform, she'll transcend them all."- Kitsu,That Which Can't Be Seen: The Chronicles of Shaiyunaira Misaki

"He's trapped in an endless deadly cycle. There isn't much to do about that." -Time's Tale

"We'll blaze a trail that only ours will see. A fire worthy of our ancestors. Until then, let the ice take over."- Those of The Dragons

"There's a storm that even humans fear. It's no natural disaster or man made thing. It's made by the power of something else. An angel born only every few centuries at the most. She is that Storm. She is Tempest."- Bune, Tempest Wings