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Personal Message

Hello~ I'm Hiiraism~

Hope you enjoy your stay with our journey!

About Me

Hiiraism, used to be a FF reader ever since she was in junior high but now she decided to write her own fanfics.

Army trash. Bias? Park Jimin. Bias Wrecker? All members aside from Park Jimin.

I'm used to be in monofandom for, like, 8 years before i fell into the BTS hell. I was and i'm still a VIP.

My forte? Turtoring my bias worst way possible but will make him a happy ending he deserves....maybe. I'm no good typing angst ending, i want my idols to be happy in the end. 


Please note that i'm new at typing ff and my first language isn't english so i tend to make grammar mistakes and ty limited vocabs ;;;; You may point out the error to me and i'll edit it asap!


Let's enjoy our journey together~