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"It’s okay now," Jongin whispers as he shuts the door to EXO’s practice room swiftly and closes the curtains.


"You’re safe now."


Jongin looks both ways before taking a box of chicken out of his bag, hands caressing the tender meat.


Suddenly a shiver runs down his spine.


He’s not alone.


There is someone else nearby, right by the door.


Jongin is wrong. It’s not okay. He can’t get away fast enough.


Onew is here.


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[formerly known by another username, changed it to match my tumblr]


Opera singer, fan fiction writer, and university student.  I'm learning Japanese, planning to learn Korean, and also will eventually learn really basic Chinese. o^^o


My bae groups are SEVENTEEN, Super Junior, SHINee, VIXX, EXO, BAP, B1A4, GOT7, and BTS (and I've seen a lot of K-pop concerts!).


I mainly ship Jicheol, Jihan, Meanie, 2Ji, Kyumin, Neo, Susoo/Kyungmyeon, Kaisoo, Suchen, Xiuchen, Markjin, Markson, and Namjin.


There is a chance that I might be older than you, especially if you're a Carat because I'm sorry but y'all young >.>


Feel free to enjoy my stories! I really hope you like them. Leave a comment if you do~




My baes are many :) Chat with me on tumblr! I'm also on twitter!



Husband list:

1. Onew

2. Leo

3. Kyuhyun

4. Jinyoung

5. Suho

6. Joshua

7. Kyungsoo

8. Sandeul


Other baes: Sungmin | DK | Woozi | Xiumin | Daehyun | Baro | Jackson | Rapmon | J-Hope | Jin | Daesung | T.O.P | Jaehyo | B-Bomb | Takuya | Sunggyu


Amber is actually ultimate bae


Minghao and Bambam are my children, and Dino is my godchild


DJ Tukutz is my uncle




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