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hmm, I'm not sure if I can write something yet..

i Had a lot of ideas in my mind to the fact that i don't know where to start my story @[email protected]

About Me

Annyeong! I'm Mary Eve Pendre. But you can call me Blessie, Eve, Bleshai or Eva :) [ yah,i have a lot of nicknmes too you know! not only Kyuhyun oppa :)))]

I'm an ELF.. and I'm proud to be![ so back off!, just kidding!]

As of now, ahmm i'm a Kyuhyun biased <3 I also love Teukie oppa :)

...and I'm just ME.. so simple as that :))



btw  I'm currently in love with CHOI SEUNG HYUN (T.O.P) <3