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Hallo there,


it's Miyu.

I write and draw sometimes. 

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This is kinda important to say, I guess. I can take a while to update because english is not my first language. I actually write my fanfics in portuguese first and I translate it later. But I don't want my fics with bad grammar and vocabulary mistakes so I spend a lot a lot a lot of time to translate it. Also, I'm constantly reupdating the chapters, correcting grammar mistakes. I'm sorry for the mistakes, btw. 
I'm with a lot of projects in mind, but like I said, it takes time for me. Writting in english is still hard for me. Hope you guys understand and wait! 
If by any chance you woke up like 'oh, I want to read brazilian portuguese fanfics', you can click here and have lots and lots of fun [oh  you just discovered where I'm from. Let's pretend you don't know, this is top secret.]

Thanks for all the sweet comments 💕. You make me go: