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About Me

My name is Arabella,

I love to draw,

I love to sing,

I'm a Gemini,

I love yellow, red and purple,

fact about me? ---> the only app i have is Twitter because my storage is always too full to have any more apps due the amount of photos i always have on my phone 

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I have always loved to read fanfics and have wanted to write one myself for so long but never felt motivated or inspired enough, but now i am ;)

I love BTS, Jungkook is my bias and Taehyung is my bias wrecker. 

I love vminkook (Taehyung, Jungkook and Jimin). This is because i love vkook/taekook but Jimin makes me question it and i love Jikook but Taehyung makes me question that so why not just ship the 3 together and make everything easier.


Dont rush me to update please :) but feel free to comment and vote on my fics as it is much appreciated.

I also post my works on Archive of Our Own under the same username - @btskookah