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Be yourself because everyone else is taken (believe it or not I am too, but you could still be me if you want to. What?) *AHEM* Parenthesis these days...they can insinuate a lot. But, seriously, it sounds so overused and lame but it's meaningful I promise you. (Also this website forbids plagiarism so you really don't have a choice.) I think I've said enough. If I ever get the courage to write one, read my stories. You'll most likely hate the out of 'em. K byeeeeee. 

About Me

I'm real weird. I am exactly what my username says I am. An introvert. But not just any introvert. I am The Introvert Gone WILD. (Got that from Liza Koshy.) What? NO plagiarism so I had to say where I got that from I don't wanna get, like, coppyprighted. *says in valley girl voice*


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