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What do you think happened to the boys?

  • They're all dead
  • Only Tae is dead and the rest are all alive and living somewhere else
  • They're actually all alive and Kook is the one that's actually dead
  • They never existed

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What is sleep?

I have imagination and candy with me I don't need sleep.


About Me


Hi! I'm Rae, aka Beanbear (nickname courtesy of my friends cuz I don't like jelly beans but I'm squishy like a teddy bear). 

Little tidbits about me:

1. SUGAR. I love it. Gotta have me at least 45 grams a day, which isn't very healthy, but I'm working on it.

2. He. She. They. I don't care. Gender pronouns are arbritrary to me. You can refer to me as whatever gender you prefer, but please be polite about my orientation and respect my privacy.

3. BTS ARMY and EXO-L right here. Honestly, I don't understand the fanwars between these two fandoms. My bias from BTS is Mr. Worldwide Handsome JIN, and my bias from EXO will forever and always be Happy Virus CHANYEOL. 

4. I have a habit of muttering the last few words of my sentence right after I finish it. :P I honestly can't help it, it just happens. :3

Thanks for visiting my profile, and take care! :)