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Hello, I'm Bana_Bana, and I'm an EXO and F.T. Island fan. I'm D.O. and Jaejin biased; however, practically any member in EXO can potentially bias wreck me due to their unique quirks whereas only Jonghun is the only one who can bias wreck me in F.T. Island. Anyways, outside of K-music, I am really fond of the alternative rock genre (and similar genres) music-wise. Some artists that I enjoy listening to are Foster the People, Gorillaz, some Incubus, and Imagine Dragons (everything but their third album, "Evolve"). Other things I'm into are the Youtuber group, Cow Chop, and childhood-favorite video games such as "Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal" and "Katamari Damacy: We Love Katamari". As for my personality, my friends describe me as someone who is quiet and funny. I think I know myself well enough to say I think too much and do too little. However, one thing I try to do to improve myself is to teach my self to be accountable for my actions. Anytime I do anything, I always try to set it up in a way where everything that happens in that project is no one else's but my own fault; it doesn't help to blame others for things that I could've done myself.

Oof, I feel like I'm rambling too much. I'll just stop here before I begin to write a biography about myself.