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You can see that I have two stories published. I don't finished them yet.
When I'm done with ''When you wore black'', I'll post the first chapter.
Then I'll write ''A Little Bit Sausage''.

- When will you post the first chapter of ''When you wore black''?
I don't know, sorry. Now (7-12-2017) I'm writing chapter four and the story will have 10.

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Eat well! 


About Me

I always liked to write stories. I started with Wattpad, writing in Dutch because I'm from the Netherlands. I fell in love with kpop, kdrama and whole South-Korea! So I decided to practice my English with writing about EXO. I'm fifteen years old and I love cats, food and Baekhyun. :$
If you want to talk, please, send me a message! I would love that! (You can call me S.)

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

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