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Which one will end up with Hyun?

  • Jungkook
  • Jimin
  • V
  • RM
  • Jhope
  • Suga
  • Jin
  • Allxoc (conflict)

About Me

I love BTS very much. I know that a lot of people already say things like this all the time and over and over: 'I love bts, I love (bias), i love them, theyre so cute etc'... but my reason for loving them is different. I don't love them just because of their looks (theyre all handsome just to be clear), BTS saved my life, not physically but more like they gave me strength to move forward and face the harsh reality. Their songs saved me, their personalities and their relationship with each other make me smile almost automatically even if I feel way down the dumps(wanting to end my misery once and for all). They saved my life, they gave me strength, they gave me hope that not all people are fakes! Can't tell you the story behind this because it's too personal.

Anyways, they're all so witty and fun and they haven't lost that childish spark. Maybe a lot of viewers will be all like 'I feel the same way!, or we SO think alike,or omg! we have somethjing in common , or Pushaa, like we never read something like this before...etc'. But listen here:

First I'd like to inform you that this is real. What i am saying or feeling is real. If no one gets this, it's obvious that they don't try to look closely or just plain ignorant. Second, to all BTS haters, just because BTS is gaining fame, and all of you just want media attention or reaction, dont drag BTS to your level because theyre much more important than your nonsense. They help people and entertain, you only destroy. So if you don't have anything good to say, itll be the best to keep your comments to yourself. If you cant do that much, that only meant that you really should look at yourself in the mirror and try to reflect really . Don't destroy the good happy moments of other people with BTS just to cater your selfish whims. That also goes for fake armys who only wanted fame so they just tag along with whats trending. Lastly, to all REAL ARMYs, thank you for protecting BTS.

That is all^^ May BTS thrive forever, now and even after they retire. 

#BTSArmy - the legit version