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About Me

Hello everyone!

We are the B.A.P “International Fanpage” from Facebook, and have decided to expand our reach to AsianFanFics! Here you can find short stories, scenarios, drabbles,… to requests from you guys – all about B.A.P.

To start with, here are a few rules:

  • While you can technically request whatever you like, we require you to be at least 18 years old to get an M-rated story!
  • We would ask you not to expect MemberxMember stories from us, especially not if you want them to get ual. We are primarily focusing on B.A.PxReader and comedic stories about the members. (Any other creative ideas are of course always welcome as well!)
  • If you request a story we will gladly work with any prompts you give us, however what we ask you to include in any case are the name we should use for you and your age, as well as your bias if you want us to include a love interest! (If you want to stay anonymous, we will use “Y/N”!) Should you not send any prompts about where to take the story whatsoever, we will come up with a plot ourselves.


If you’d like to look into the writing of our authors, here are the links to their profiles:




We hope you enjoy, have a nice day! 😊