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About Me

TVXQ / JYJ / YunJae believer / AKTF / Jaejoong bias, Yunho follows shortly, Changmin is a bias wrecker while Yoochun and Junsu are just love

I do not tolerate hate towards any one of the boys, I love them all. If you hate on any of them, you will hurt ALL of them and I can't consider you a fan.

I'm a new YunJae author but a fan of DBSK for 10 years. Please read Only Good Times if you haven't yet and let's bask in the glory of YunJae's love. :)

For all YunJae/TVXQ/JYJ fans out there, let's be friends and enjoy dbsk happenings (they are all doing great now, thank God!) and fanfiction happenings as well. :)

You may msg me here or on newly made twitter account: @vulxur