Personal Message

 " Welcome to my page, please subscribe and comment if you have  feedback or any critism you can give me  harsh or partially biased i don't care just put them all down so i can see my  mistakes and fix those in the near feature. these books are free  rarely fanfiction sites published original book some of them yeah but most fan fiction on celebrities they like in this page you will enjoy original works from horror/thriller/life stories/ all jumbled into one,please and i cant stress more subscribe my page to see more content. it's free the more and more subscription i have the more motivation i have to create more stories. i didn't own all those modles  or taken from google images  respective credit belong to them."

About Me

 i grew up in a small town in japan where competition is stale aside from manga or story books usually i just write for fun when it comes to those field my real talent comes from conveying illustration of a character that i draw everyday those are my main like, this is just hobby of mine that i published free book that i dont have any intention to sell them, please keep  in mind that even tho its free please respect my work it took amount of dedication and sacrfices to make this.  i hope you enjoy reading my work as much as i did writting them for you.