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"in the end, they will judge me anyway, so whatever"

-min yoongi

about me.

— hello! I am jIhyun. I am 17 about to be 18.

I make graphics they are not very good but I am improving.

you can check out my portfolio here


also feel free to pm me at anytime i am always available 


—I own my own shop called first love graphics and advertising. you should check it out *wink*

you can also find me in quixotic graphics shop

Mic Drop ™ Poster and Ad shop

that's it^^



—I FAll for people too easily love wise and friend wise so be prepared if you want to be my friend. 

I am panual.

i get depressed at moments


Bias list

My top fav group is bTS 

my Ub is luhan

bts: jimin it might seem liek it yoongi but i just support him big time

got7: youngjae

monsta x: wonho

exo: suho

seventeen: vernon

my female bias is Min Yoonji hehe^^

i have a lot more but i am too tired to list them i might finish this later.






— I have a couple of friends i guess

a friend that has been with me since the start is Min_ssamja 


i recent;y became friends with this person, this person is the best Sato love you. you are really a great friend.


This person is also a really great friend. Brayden love you

i talk to other people but i don't know if we are that close yet. 


scroll down.


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