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Who do you want for Sora to fall in love with?

  • All twelve of EXO
  • More than one, but less then twelve of EXO
  • Someone from EXO-M
  • Someone from EXO-K

Personal Message

I am who I am. I believe firmly in strong female protagonists. 

I absolutely hate those that even have a weak girl to begin with because I'm a feminist. Women Power for the win. 

I don't write . All my "mature" are just because of language. 

Colorful language makes things a bit more exciting, eh?

Subscribe if you want. I honestly write for the fun of it, not subscribers, though they are my source

of support and happiness and my little detectives when it comes to other people copying my work.

If that ever does happen, please do tell me. It's really much appreciated.


Have fun reading! Don't be afraid to PM me or wall post. Because I love all of you. 

About Me

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