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Personal Message

I'm very new to this site, and new to writing fanfiction, so please be kind to me!

(and if you'd like, show me some love by reading/upvoting/subscribing to All I Wanna Do, and feel free to leave me a message as well. Let's be friends~)

About Me

Bias Group: Wanna One

Bias: Lai Kuanlin

 Bias Wrecker: Park Jihoon

Favorite Ships:

1. Panwink (Kuanlin x Jihoon)

2. Jinhwi (Baejin x Daehwi)

3. Ongniel (Ong x Daniel)

HELLO TO MY FELLOW WANNABLES! (and even if you aren't hello as well!) I'm just here to remind y'all that Panwink is real and is sailing across all the seven seas~ That's it lol