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Personal Message

I have three accounts on Wattpad: @partylife99 , @DabDab99 , and @MVP_nation . I will either write stories or one shots that I have on Wattpad. For right now, I just want to read stories here. 

About Me

I love mostly Sekai, Chankai, and Kaichen. I love Sekai the most out of those three. I ship Kai with everyone in EXO except Kyungsoo. I don't ship Sehun with Luhan either. I ship Kaixiu, Kaiho, Kaichen, Sekai, Chankai, Kaibaek, Kailay, Kairis, Kaitao, Chanbaek, Chansoo, Baeksoo, Sebaek, Baeklay, Baekchen, Suchen, Krisho, Taoris, Sekailu, Sekaichen, Xiuhan, iu, Sechen, and Hansoo (Luhan x Kyungsoo).  I think that is all of my EXO ships. I have other ships for Got7, BTS, BAP, and other groups but that is too much to put on here. I have three ultimate biases, which are (SHINee) Taemin, (EXO) Kai, and (Got7) Jackson