About Me

hello hi,
it's junhiel.

i go by the name poki or shin on this site so feel free to call me with those names if you want. i'm an eighteen years old second-year uni student majoring in english literature.

i enjoy writing and reading fanfictions, and they're mostly female oc stories.

my most favorite bias group is got7 and ikon. but 
there are actually still a lot of groups that i adore though. wanna one, blackpink, exo, gfriend, bts and many more – not to forget the soloists and actors and actresses. 

my ultimate biases are ikon's junhoe, got7's jaebum and wanna one's daniel. i know that there is only supposed to be one ultimate bias, but i have three. the three of them ruined my life just as equally—and that's that. i love them with all my heart.

what is a bias list anymore.

anyway! feel free to add me as a friend and hit me up because i don't bite. i'm sure we will click especially if we discuss about got7 lmao kdjsjd they are so underrated pls give them some love they deserve it tysm :')

p.s i also love stray kids and still stuck between choices on whether my main bias in the group is hyunjin or felix send help.

where else to find me: –