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About Me

I'm both a Sone and a ReVeluv.

My ultimate bias in RV is Wendy, but Irene comes close, maybe because Wenrene is my ultimate OTP. I consider Wenjoy, Wenseul, and Wenri my OTP wreckers. And from this order is my bias/favorite ranking: 1. Wendy 2. Irene 3. Yeri 4. Seulgi 5. Joy Btw, I love them all because I heart OT5.

My ultimate bias in SNSD is Tiffany and was also Jessica. My utilmate OTP is Jeti, while Taeny is my OTP wrecker. I also ship Yoonhyun.

I can say that I'm a fan of the girls but I can't say that I'm their #1 fan ;) My personality is kinda funny. I can't stand watching couples act mushy in front of me but if they do, I tend to stare at it intensely that my sister called me a . *lol*. I'm not, okay? They just happened to be right in front of me! Anyways, I really love to read romance novels. I'm also very nice but if you don't believe, then I don't blame you. I tend to be stubborn at times and hard headed but that doesn't mean that I'm not listening. I build up maturity over time but I'm still me. My appearance will eventually change over time but I will always still be me :)

- LollyMez <3