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"I admire a lot of people here, on AFF. They are just beyond amazing and I want to grow up like them."



About Me

I'm surrounded by Angels...
I've met lots of lovely people through Asianfanfics. I call these special people my Angels.
Luzmy  (my sunshine)
The beautiful sunshine who, lights up my day.
She is a goddess in my opinion. Her flawless beauty and her flawless kindeness, which I just adore.
Ella (my yeobo)
My beautiful yeobo, who I'm happily married to.
Nice, cute, loving, encouraging, kind. These words aren't enough to describe my beautiful wife/husband, they should really make some other big words.
vanessa (my baobei)
My personal ulzzang, my one and only baobei, who I love.
The caring and friendly personality, finishing up with her beauty. She is   a   complete package I tell you. 
Chelsea (my cutie pie)
My cute, adorable dongseang, who I cherish.
Just adorable! Can I just hug you and never let you go? We met recently, but her loving personality just won my heart.
Andrea (my  past life twin)
My past life twin, this is because of Exo and SM! We both feel the same way about them.
Mature and playful she is, I adore this combination of her. We share our boredness together and spend by not doing much, now you believe we used to be twins? But it's an honour to be her past  life sibling.                                                                                   
claire (my baby)
Cuteness overload!
I claim her as my baby, even though we're only years apart. She was one of  my  first friend here on AFF, so she is special. I adore her caring yet her baby  side.
Arisa  (My gorgeus  lady)
I met her recently and I just want to say that she is super nice! Talking about her, she is a beautiful mature girl that I just adore.       


Kimmy ( my  beautiful partner)
She is just amazing. Her everything in my opinion is just perfect. I have to say that she is just adorable and let me also mention that she is super nice! She is someone dearest to me.