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Which of my chaptered fanfics are you subscribed to?

  • Let Me Keep You
  • You Took Care Of Us, Now Let Us Take Care Of You
  • Guardian
  • ALL OF THEM!!! ;D

Personal Message

My Stories:

1.) Maknae Love (Deleted)

2.) Guardian (Under Revision, Updated Irregularly)

3.) You Took Care Of Us, Now Let Us Take Care Of You (Under Major Revision)

4.) Let Me Keep You (Updated Irregularly)

5.) See You Later, Stranger (3-Shot At Most, Hiatus)

News flash: Maknae Love was deleted. There was no reason for it to exist anymore. I created a new fic that's my first mild attempt called 'Let Me Keep You'. It's a EXO vampire!au. 

Thank you for anyone who subscribed or commented or even stayed with me since my first story. I love you! Saranghae! Aieru! (Errr, what's 'I love you' in Vietnamese? I forgot. >//<)

Yes, UTCOU, NLUTCOU is under major reconstruction. I've hidden all the chapters and currently rediting them. I will repost two chapters at a time every other week or so.

I have a whimsical urge to write one-shots...which I at.  

If anyone wants to friend me, go ahead. I'll accept whoever as long as you have good intentions. I always check daily blogs.

Note: Thank you Navi from ▲Selcouth (EXO Graphic Shop) for my DP!

About Me

I'm short.

I'm Asian.

I'm lazy.

I'm (somewhat) nerdy.

I hate (85% of) my life.

I wish I could be a Japanese voice actor.

Or a K/J-Pop singer.

And maybe an author.

I love writing, singing, and daydreaming.

I really don't wanna go to college.

Hi, I'm SapphireSeptember.

What's your name?