Personal Message

 This should maybe be in personal info but I stan too many groups and have all my biases there so this will have to work :P

I’m Ante (not my real name. Not even close to my real name. I was probably high making this and I don’t know how I came up with it so uhhh yeah)! I’m super friendly and like talking to people so feel free to chat for hours. I’m here to listen. I’m multifandom af and can’t seem to settle on a bias for more than 2 seconds. My top 6 KPop groups have to be BTS, EXO, Got7, Monsta X, Seventeen, and all of NCT. I’ll message anyone at anytime and am always looking to meet new people. I’m 75% gay and the other 25% has been converted cuz of guy groups that I can’t seem to handle. So I guess I’m bi lmao :P I tend to be rlly chill for the most part so yeah that’s about it. 

My best friends consist of: 






(I love all of my friends but these 5 are extremely special to me plz don’t feel hurt I love you too!)

My favorite American??? artists are Billie Eilish, Allie X, Ruelle, Troye Sivan, Melanie Martinez, Muse, Three Days Grace, P!ATD, and Get Scared. 

Love you all! Bye Bye! <3


About Me

My Biases and Bias Wreckers:

BTS: Yoongi•Seokjin

Got7: BamBam•Yugyeom

Monsta X: Minhyuk•Shownu

NCT 127: Yuta/Haechan•WinWin

NCT U: Ten•Taeyong

NCT Dream: Jisung/Haechan•Jaemin

BlackPink: Jennie•Jisoo

Seventeen: Hoshi•Chinaline

EXO: Sehun•$uho

SHINee: Taemin•Onew

Mamamoo: Moonbyul•Wheein

Red Velvet: Seulgi•Joy 

ACE: Wow•Jun

iKON: Bobby•DK

Nu'est: Ren•Aron

BTOB: Peniel•Minhyuk

VIXX: Hongbin•Ravi

Twice: Mina•Tzuyu

Day6: Wonpil•Dowoon

ToppDogg: Hansol•B-Joo

Block B: Kyung•Taeil

Speed: Taewoon•Sungmin

4Minute: Hyuna•Jiyoon

2NE1: CL•Dara

Wanna One: Minhyun•Daehwi

BigBang: GD•Seungri

JBJ: Donghan•Longguo

Pentagon: Yan An•E-Dawn

KNK: Seungjun•Jihun

Cross Gene: Takuya•Yongseok

B.A.P: Daehyun•Youngjae


f(x): Amber•Victoria

Pristin: Kyla•Rena

Super Junior: Heechul•Eunhyuk 

SNSD: Taeyeon•Hyoyeon 

Stray Kids: Chan•Felix