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Hello hello! My name is Nana.

EXO is the only group I write for at this point in time, but I do occasionally read outside of the fandom. My bias in EXO is Baekhyun, but I like writing for members who have fewer OC stories, so I've written quite a bit for D.O. and Suho, and I'm also working on some Chen and Lay stories. Although I only write for EXO, I also love Girls' Generation, SHINee, f(x), 9MUSES, and a whole lot of other groups, and I listen to a pretty wide range of music. As you can probably tell from my username, food is my other great love aside from K-pop. 

I don't bite, so feel free to DM me or drop a friend request (please do interact with me in some way before sending a request, though; I'm a bit cautious about accepting requests from people I've never talked to before).

If you're shy and want to ask something, come drop an anonymous question on my curious cat (unless you're Nargish, in which case STAY AWAY PLS NO MORE LICORICE). 


About Me


Check out some of my stories below! (Also yes, hungry Minguk is my spirit animal, so...)
Kyungsoo/OC. Ongoing. Chaptered. Politician AU, arranged marriage AU. Political thriller and romance.
Chasing Xiumin
Lay/OC, Chen/OC. Ongoing. Chaptered. Secret agent AU. Suspense and romcom.
First Encounters
Kyungsoo/OC. Ongoing. Series of separate oneshots about how Kyungsoo meets his future wife. So far: college AU, royalty AU.
Behind Iron Bars
Sehun/OC. Ongoing. Chaptered. Prison AU, psychological romance, dark humor.
I Put A Spell On You
Suho/OC. Completed. Oneshot. Witch AU. Fantasy and romance.
Of Labs and Love Songs
Chanyeol/OC. Completed. 5 chapters. High school AU. Romcom with a touch of mystery.
Suho/OC. Completed. 6 chapters. High school AU. Sequel/spinoff to 'Of Labs and Love Songs.' Murder mystery and romance.
All That And A Bag of Chips
Baekhyun/OC. Completed. Oneshot. Idol AU/canon. Romcom feat. honey butter chips.
Kai-centric. Completed. Oneshot. Idol AU/canon. Angst.
Marimba player Chen/OC AU, coming soon to a mobile device near you.