About Me

 i like JESSICA JUNG no i love JESSICA JUNG i am her ultimate fan and i'm proud of it and i claim her as my wife too *chuckles* (silly me) and my bias is TAEYEON KIM i like her too because of her voice but not as i like JESSICA-noona and my bias-wrecker is JESSICA JUNG of course and i'm a 


i don't know why taengsic is my favorite ship because they are not that close *sigh* sad to say but it's totally the truth and it's hard to accept. I adore them too much.

and my favorite group/band i don't know what to call but...


Is my favorite K-POP girl Group

It broke my heart when JESSICA-noona leaved snsd but what can i do? I'm just their fan, i'm just ordinary person unlike them. -cries-

And for the second it made me cried all day too when TIFFANY-noona , SEOHYUN-noona and SOOYOUNG-noona leaved snsd. -cries-


So that's why i hate OCTOBER 10,2017


I can't imagine that there's only five of them will perform on the stage. -sobs-


SNSD is always grave/mark in my heart and i'm forever SONE.‚ô•