About Me

Hi everyone, I am an avid Kpop fan- trash for so many ships and relatively new to the site. It'll be cool to meet and chat with new people who enjoy shared interests. My favorite Ships include:

Red Velvet: Seulrene! Naturally,  Joyri! (My cute devil maknaes)

SNSD: Jeti! (Main OTP) and Taengsic! Jessica was and still is my ultimate bias from them, no matter what ot9 always. But I also enjoy Yulti, Yoonhyun(cuties!), HyoYoung!, there are honestly too many damn ships to love here.

Gfriend: Sinrin! My first and really only otp. I can't break SinB (my savage bae) and Yerin(cutie, byuntae) up for any reason. ^-^ Love tall line Yuju(my queen) and Sowon. Props to Wonha tho.

Mamamoo: I'm jumping ship to Wheebyul, it's super underrated but Wheebyul are just too adorable and I ship it! Moonsun I still like but Wheebyul is now OTP.

AOA: My bias Choa with my other bias Jimin. I only ship Chomin!

Blackpink: Many possible ships to consider here, but I mainly enjoy Jensoo, Jenlisa

fX: I only really ship Jungli but I do get Kryber. I like Lunber alot, it's cute.

Sistar: Hyolyn/Soyou and Hyolyn/Bora that is honestly all!


I also listen to a variety of different groups,  Sistar(Still sad about the disbandment), AKMU, Blackpink, and just way too much to really get into.