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Personal Message


So yuss,hello there.I'm Yukie (ofc,this isn't my real name,i only use it when i'm online~),and i live in a ed up place,what you shouldn't know about.Let's say,that i'm not legal.(i'm not going to tell my real age) I'm /kinda/ a nerd. I love to read. I have glasses.~ Tumblr is my life. I'm roleplaying. I'm antisociable,weird,awkward,but if you get to know me,i'll start to open up.  

I love kpop,since...more than two years,i think.I got into it thanks to Shinee.They were my first bias band,then after a half year,or so,Super Junior became my only and forever bias band.

Ultimate bias:Yesung.♥ 

Other biases(from several other groups):Onew,Taeil/Zico(i can't chose ;u;),Junsu(DBSK Junsu-it's still DBSK for me.), Soohyun, Hongki, Daehyun, Chen, D.O., G-dragon/Daesung(impossible to chose.),  Hyorin, Luna, Taeyeon, Yull, Junsu(2pm baby.~) etc♥ 

OTP: KyuSung.-shipping these two forever.

Other OTPs:YeWon, MinWook, KangTeuk, HanChul, EunHae, TaePyo, ZiKyung, U-Bomb, YunJae, YooSu, ElVin, BaekYeol, G-TOP, etc.


I'm not the best writer,i actually at writing,but i love to write fanfictions,or anything else.English isn't my first language,so of course,i make mistakes too.