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I write stories because I love to. I'm a very complicated person at times, and sometimes I go through alot that.......I need writing as a way to cope with things. Also...writing can be stressing for me and I need a break lol....but still. It's the only thing I can come back to as a way to pour my feelings. 

I know a lot of people critize my stories, even critize me, which really hurts, as if I don't have feelings either, but...to those who like the whole, cheesy, lame happy, stories that have a good ending...well....that's what I'm here for. Life is already hard isn't? Life is already so many things, why add more frustration? I know people read when they are down and have a bad day, and I want my stories to be there for you when you are feeling like that. 

I want you to smile at the end of it all.


Before writing, I would read fanfiction, and not BTS, but other groups before BTS came into my life. I would read them after having a really bad day because certain stories that I followed made me happy when the writer would post. I would get all happy and just read with a smile. When a story ends...I sometimes would cry because we all had that one story that made us feel like it would take us out of our misery. At least it made us happy for that short moment when we needed it.

I wanted to write to also bring that to all of you who are going through the same thing. And to those who are fine in life, I'm soooo happy for you! Reading is awesome when you're bored as well lol

I'm just one girl that tries to make others happy. So if you come to DM really upsetting messages about what you hate about my stories, just don't. I write what I want, and I don't force anyone to read anything. You have the option of blocking me as well. 

I love you guys, and with all the love and support...it makes one happy writer who never wants to stop lol <3


*Also, sorry for disabling comments in stories, or I keep drafting stories. Sometimes I feel as a writer to stop going, and scared that some disappointment will come in comments when I post. I have my scared moments also. So sorry. :(*



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Just a girl that loves to write <333