Personal Message

I want to thank those who read my stories. I'm very thankful that you took the time to read them. I'd like it if you could spread the love. 

Please review the stories or just post a comment after you read it helps me become a better writer, because my dream is to become a authobest seller. I know that my writing style can be sloppy at times, but as a reader, you, can help me so that you can enjoy the stories so much more.

About Me

I love music escpeically kpop and jpop.

I write, dance, take photos, and draw in my freetime or whenever I feel like it.

I like writing the most cause it gives me practice for when I pick up trying to write my own original short story that won't turn into a fanfic instead a book someday. 

I'm studying languages or at least I have a slight intrest in them so please deal with me a bit if I suddenly add them to the stories. 

If you want to chat with me at all feel free to drop me a message. I'd love to have new friends or at least people to talk to.