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Annyeong!! Hara-imnida *bows repeatedly*

I'm a 15-year old Filipina who's totally addicted to KPop.

Though I also like J-Pop, but it doesn't dominate my mind unlike what the other was doing.

And so yeah....

I've got a great liking on Super Junior but I didn't spazz it in here. LOL

I'm scared that you might think I'm weird. LOL LOL

I speak Filipino, English and other dialects fluently.

I know how to speak basic Japanese and is learning how to speak in Hangul, though I actually know how to read their romanized version fluently.

I'm carefree and noisy.

You might notice that when I suddenly squeal and speak in the tagbox ^^

I'm friendly so don't be afraid of me XD

♥ These are my loves ♥

I'm willing to share you know XD