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Should I Make a Continuation? And so, in who's perspective?

  • Yes, and it should be Yoonmin again... because reasons.
  • Yes, and it should be Vkook, it should be in a different perspective.
  • Yes, but Namjin. It would be interesting to see their love life...
  • Yes, but Hoseok and Jung Wook's.
  • No. Just stop.
  • It should be the kid's perspective.
  • It should be the king's perspectives.
  • It should be Rose's perspective.
  • No, You Can Reign already has enough chapters.
  • Maybe.
  • I don't know.
  • I love the story, but no.

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I'm a potato, and the type of author that writes 4 stories, and all is unfinished.. that's what is happening right now..