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About Me

I am a kpop fan since SNSD Gee came out, I believe.... My father showed the mv to my family and well, me and my siblings then got into kpop? ish? the origin stories asdfghjkl

It wasn't until I entered middle school where I learned of f(x) then learned victoria was on invincible youth

I ended up watching the whole series and fell for Sunny (SNSD) and Hyomin (T-ARA (well now former)) couple which was sunbyung

forever a sunbyung shipper one day I'll write a memoir for them

Then because of Hyomin I became a Queen

I watched ever comeback for t-ara since then.

Slowly SNSD and T-ARA impact gets smaller, so then did my addiction to kpop.

Then my addiction to kpop returned at full force when gfriend debut.

I was first an Eunha stan, then I fell for Sowon and she managed to boot Hyomin out of her ultimate bias position. My love for Hyomin will remain within me, but Sowon is just so beautiful and tall.

I'm a true wonha stan but I love all the ships in gfriend, any ship is great to me. I think I've written something for each one by now...

My dream in middle school was to get good grades and get a job to go to a t-ara concert and maybe a fanmeeting and meet Hyomin in person, but that recently died. I won't be able to see t-ara as t-ara, I'm glad it seems they are trying to comeback, but when the whole leave mbk incident started, my heart died a bit.

Now, in university, my dream has become to meet gfriend one day. Of course, if the opportunity arises, I'll meet Hyomin one day. But for now, I want to meet Sowon.

and last of all


twitter : @_So1derful_