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Byun Hana is terrified of Min Yoongi's capabilities, but as his biggest competitor, she will do anything to get under his skin and ruin him.
Hiding in plain sight from Kim Taehyung has to be one of the most dangerous things that Shira has ever done.
Love is blind, and people in love are blinder.
When Nari loses her memory of the last seventeen months, she forgets about the war, the struggles, and most importantly, she forgets about the man named Kim Namjoon.
If Byul had known that meeting the Kyrie would leave her handcuffed to a bed, she would have never accepted her promotion.
about me
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About me
Hey! I'm bluelixir, but I also go by blu!
10 out of 10 would recommend myself to do school work instead of writing in the middle of the night.
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I will not accept friend requests unless if I can recognize the username (and not recognize it because said user continues to send friend requests without reading my status or this). Chances are if you've talked to me a few times, I'll recognize you! Please refrain from putting advertisements on my wall. This is said in my status. Also, I would appreciate if anything story related is commented on said story! It makes it harder to respond and keep track of notifications for me. If you want to ask me questions, you can do so at my curious cat.
what am I into?
I follow groups from pretty much all over. The person to the left is the person i favor the most! if you find my work on any other site, please let me know because i didn't post it there. if you want fic recommendations, head over to on trigger happiness, which has some great works.