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korean boy enthusiast™



My friends call me Lyn so I guess you can call me that too.

I'd rather read than write, but oh well, I try.


My stories:

Dead Flowers Are Still Flowers (baekhyun x oc) - chaptered, angst, highschool!au

Time and Tide (baekhyun) - chaptered, angst, sliceoflife, pirate!au

Dusk Till Dawn (baekhyun x oc) - chaptered, angst,royalty!au, greekmyth!au

Supernova (baekhyun x oc) - chaptered, angst, friendship, romance, scifi, fantasy

rewrite the stars (baekhyun x oc) - fourshot, angst, romance, royalty!au

all falls down (baekhyun x oc) - chaptered, angst, action, fantasy, romance, god!au



EXO - SNSD - NCT - monsta x

hmu on ask.fm OR CURIOUSCAT! you can spam me there.


I don't mind story ads on my wall! I'm always looking for more stuff to read :")

I don't do roleplay though, so advertising roleplay stuff on my wall is pretty much useless.


peace out.


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