About Me

93 liner, artist, amateur author, basically housewife, cat mom, and k-pop fan. Inspirit, Starlight, EXO-L, and minor stanning of a few other groups. Overly friendly, great listener and great (?) advice-giver, I don't mind friendly talks and will try to respond as soon as possible, but sometimes life gets in the way and I'm absent for some time. I love hard and fast, but I promise I'm not (too) obsessed, and I might be a bit freaky, but that's just one of my many charms!

Can now also add fanfic writer to the list, wow, that just came completely out of the blue! Still not used to it, but the ideas keep coming, so I keep writing!

I have a tumblr over at t-dragon-aff.tumblr.com and a twitter @tdragon_ if you wanna follow me! And now an instagram as well, at tdragon.aff yay! And a CuriousCat, lol at t_dragon xD