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about me

Hello everyone!!! It's me, sehun4. You can call me vivi.. I love to be called by that name.. I am from India.. I am not really talkactive person, but when I become familiar with someone, then blabber everything. So don't hesitate to add me. I gladly accept all friend requests.

Love EXO so much. To be exact They are my life. I am a die hard fangirl of ‛LORD OH SEHUN’.  Sulli is my Girl Crush. I ship Sulli with every EXO member but I ship Sesul the most. Love to read Sesul fanfics. Hope I will be able to write good fanfics make friends. ^_^


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Thank you for reading till here. I am glad that you read this. Now go and add me. II'll be happy to be friends with you. ^^