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About Me

wash away all the things you've taken
in the end, i have nothing 
every true artist is at war with the world
l(highkey shipping red velvet and sevenheen, esp. wonwoo/seulgi)


sorry for the snappy word up there btw, it's just that if you want to add me, please think twice if you're going to talk to me or not. because if not, i suggest you can close the window of my profile. if you want to see my stories, it's available up there and you can check it out, and i listed it also down here.

due to certain reasons, jongin and soojung falls behind in being my muses. but i still love them (like damn i have written lots stories about them, i can never forget them) so i think you will no longer see stories featuring them revolving around romance (i will still write soojung in friendship aus, just not romance, i guess, and yes i stop writing yoonkai. time to let this crack ship go).

annabel/bell. 18. owns deep, deep thoughts. my happiness comes from the smallest of things. yoona is morning spring in which my love for her runs deep. seulgi's brilliant dreams and infinite hope inspires me and i can just see her being strong through this 7 years of patience. people should notice her more; she's an all-rounded artist for me, even when people said that she's boring, but i think she's not. i have soft spots for seulgi's eyes, smiles, and ears (and arms, and basically everything).

i got addicted into kdramas, resulting me in ugly tears and a broken heart(kim soohyun acting is addicting) 

things that i love: edelweiss, blue, pastel, warm sweaters, heartbreaking animes (pandora hearts and shigatsu wa kimi no uso), alternative and indie music (lana del rey, marina and the diamonds, and melanie martinez are my alternative queens while the ultimate favourite indie bands are daughter and sleeping at last). sia's cheap thrills album are on repeat. i basically listen to songs that are not mainstream unless they suit my taste well. i listen to kpop mostly svt/nct/rv since their songs are good, other than that i listen to kindie/khiphop.

I also love watching movies from 70s to 90s, post 20s also. You can check my movie list in my liistography and my other weirds stuffs that I listed there. I also love books, gawd I love reading novels (bildungsroman by murakami are my favourites, i love all of his books actually).

i love poems and poetries, charles bukowski and kahlil gibran gotta be my favourites.

that's all I guess :D. 

Currently reading: I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson (in my way to become a more disjointed mess of bones and flesh that I already am)


stories and lovelies
a. Chaptered Stories:
iii,The Constellation of Unclassified Stars (Krystal/Mingyu/Seulgi/Wonwoo/Wendy/Seokmin !friendship)
vi.'cause we're all our own wonderland (Yoona/Kai/Luhan/Krystal/Sehun)
b.Short Stories Collection
i.of wasted breaths and slipping fingers (exo/snsd/rv/seventeen/fx)
iii,Iridescent (SNSD ships)
c.Solo Oneshots or Twoshots
vii. ten shades of oddity (Wonwoo/Mingyu)
Random things:
sweep me off my feet and let me fall