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rest easy, kim jonghyun.

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the name i prefer to go by is rae! i'm 18 and i go by they/them pronouns.

my work's ratings ranges quite a lot, from [m] to [g], but expect a lot of variation between these two labels.

all work that i publish is mainly written and posted from my phone since i do not always have access to a computer, unfortunately. so i hope that you still find my works enjoyable, even if some of the formatting is frustrating to the eye.

as a note, i am not new to this site! i've had one, perhaps two accounts on this platform as ways to save my most favorite works... but only with this one am i posting actual work.

please note also that i am not always online or posting regularly! i am a high school student, which can be pressuring and prevent me from being active.

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  • monsta x
  • shinee