Would it be interesting to read a BTS fic where there were polls at the end of each chapter and the readers could decide what might happen next?

  • Heck yeah!
  • eh, not really..

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I love BTS, DAY6, iKON and GOT7 :D (But BTS is my favorite)

(I listen to other groups too, but boy groups, only select songs from girl groups) 
















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Hello! I love BTS, DAY6 and GOT7 :D (But BTS is my favorite) I also love BAP, SEVENTEEN, SHINee,BLOCKB,EXO,Super Junior and BigBang, but I just listen to the music, I don't know anything about the members xD

ARMYS WELCOME! If you want to write a fanfic, need help or ideas, and just want to talk about BTS (or Kpop in general), let me know! :) (Totally does not get Let Me Know stuck in her head from saying that...) 

Biases: Jin is my Bias (probably obvious because of my user) He's just awesome! We're so alike it's crazy :P
Doonwoon is my DAY6 Bias, we're both drummers and he's just adorable ;.; Mark is my GOT7 Bias! My English speaking bias yessss
Baek is my Bias for EXO, Sehun is such a close second tho o.0

I pretty much just read BTS ff's, and my ships are: VKOOK
I love them all so much!
I pretty much read any BTS ship tho bc I'm ARMY trashhh XD RIP

Note to peoples:
I Don't roleplay or do that stuff, so don't bother asking, sorry BUT if you need help editing a story, I'd love to! Can be any ship, the only thing is I may not know the characters as the kpop stars, but read it as a normal story and such ^^

So yeah, basically me ^^ ~Rin



About Me

Hey all!!

My wall got SO cluttered and about drove me nuts, but there are messages that warm my heart that I like to keep for people to see when they’re on my profile, and so instead of trying to delete posts to confine it to only a few posts immediately visible on my wall, I’m doing this!
I will also include a response or feeling with each post :)
(@Jimminniee did this to me with these Jin gifs hfjkdla)
These will be put from oldest to newest posts :)
Then if a person has multiple posts, it will be grouped with their first one to keep it organized!
"You are honestly the most kind hearted person I've ever met online in my life. I honestly think you've come as an angel to motivate me and make me smile, thank you for being such an awesome person and I pray one day that Seokjin oppa blows a flying kiss and wink to you before you guys hug.”
{This is one of my oldest friends on here~ I miss you so much BangtanElixir! You’ve been seldom on and you still have my love <3}
"Nothing would ever be able to describe how much you mean to me and how much I love everything about you <3”
{This is one of my best friends whom I love to death. You make me so happy and things like this make my day <3}
"I will never let you fall

I’ll stand up with you forever
I’ll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven”

{I love these lyrics, and I think that they are the sweetest and make me feel so loved, thank you for sharing them with me <3}
{Now you're just killing me xD}



YOU'RE IN MY HEART! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

{This is JJ, my bad sis who don’t take crap from no one; I love you so much too JJ <3}
"AWWWWW I'M IN YOUR PROFILE *blushes* I wuv you…<3
Go read my message to you Rinnie<3 I love you”
{I love you too! <33}

its an ungodly hour of 3 am and i found this lovely photo of jin that i just chuckle at and i honestly don't know what to caption this but here; i hope this can grace your wall lmao
{Kelly is another friend whom I enjoy talking to on here;Kelly you crack me up, you posted all these gifs on here and always have the best BTS pics to go with ay scenario, this makes me smile, thank you <3}
thanks rin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love u so~~~~~~~~~~~much

{Super sweet newer friend I’ve made; this made me smile, thank you for the sweet message and making me feel loved, love you too! <3}
"I challenge you to delete this cute Jin gif.

*Puppy dog eyes*

I Love what you did with your profile!!! <33
Yay ~~”
{lol yes you’re welcome}
{close friend to a lot of my friends whom I'm excited to get to know better ;) You're the troublemaker starting this with all the irresistible Jin gifs, but it created a great idea so thank you <3} 


"You Want me I want you!"

{This is Bray oppa I love him don’t mess with him or you will mess with me! I will watch this soon, thank you for being there for me <33}


There's always someone thinking about you. Always.”
{Telink is like my little bro on here don’t mess with him either; Thank you! I will watch this soon, keep being your positive self <3}


dont forget it
{Ah gabster, my funny friend, who could forget that? xD <3 }
“ Rin! Rin! You are one of the people that really add lots of joy to the AFF community! I don't think I could imagine this community without you :))! ❤!
{Jamie!! You’re kind friend who has been there with kind words when I least expected it and I hope to become better friends :) <3}
"I'd like to say I'm sorry for threatening to castrate your boyfriend;
But it's just how I show I care about you”
{I’m literally dying haha, you’re such a protective sibling lmao, don’t hurt brad!!! Love you <3}
"You're amazing and funny and an all around sweetheart.
You make me burst out laughing at times and you also take time to make sure I'm okay.
You're a pretty awesome human being, and I'm very glad I get to be your friend ^-^”
{Chim is a sweetheart; Chim you’re amazing too! You’re super sweet and make me smile :) I’m happy to be your friend too <3}
"Your profile is super cute! I rlly can’t wait to get to know you better if you’re interested in getting to know me more as well! Jin is such a great boi but I’m hella Yoongi stan lmao. Wonpil is my day6 bias, BamBam is my got7 bias, Chan is my iKON bias (followed super closely by DK), and I’m A SUPER EXTREEEMMMEEE (jk XD) Sehun stan cuz he’s my child and my husband but it’s not I SWEAR! Ha sorry for being annoying but I think ur very k e w l <3”
{Thank you!! You’re a brand new friend and I cannot wait to get to know you better, happy to add you to my AFF family <3}
"Hey thank you for replying to my post thanks for the advice and you got great taste ikon and day6
{BB, you’re one of my friends on here that I don’t talk to much, but you’ve always had a good impression on me, even going through friend purges with those I don’t talk to, you never were purged bc I sensed that you were a great friend even though we don’t talk much. I hope we do talk more, bc you have great taste in music too obviously lol You’re a great friend <3}
"Hey Rin-unnie!
Firstly, your profile looks amazing now! It was amazing before, too. But, the enhancement looks great! I'm gonna be honest, I'm not filling up your wall so that you mention me down below. I'm filling up your wall because I just realized I have never sent you a wall-post before! >.< I feel horrible! I've only commented on your stories and blogs, and replied to your feed! Aish, I feel like a bad friend!
So, I promise to keep up with you, and to talk and share stuff with you from now on! It's a promise!

Anyways, stay safe and healthy,unnie!
Love ya~

-BTSArmyForever- (Adi) {=^-^=}”
{Hey Adi! I love seeing you around on my feed and replies, you’re so kind and support my stories and it means a lot to me, so I want to thank you. You are too a great friend even though we haven’t directly talked much, don’t think otherwise ;) You be happy and healthy too, Love ya! <3}
*jumps on your back* *kiss your head* *hugs you tightly*

*snuggle closer*”
TaeTae loves you!!!”
"*kiss on the forehead*”
"*hugs you tightly*
"Holllllllaaaaaa *wiggles*”
{This made me laugh so hard! You’re so adorable and full of energy I love it! I hope we talk more, you’re a great friend that makes me smile *hugs* Bunny Boo? Lmao I’ll roll with it, love you bunches <3}
First of all "hahahaha thanks Rin for be my advisor ❤ thanks for giving me a great advices *smiles widely* ❤ thanks for be my listener and thanks for treat me nicely like a family ❤ thanks for everything my best girl friends ❤ Hahahaha love youuuu much much much much Rin ❤❤
{You’re a great guy I’ve gotten to know on here, and I’m happy to be friend with you and have you in my AFF family :) You’re very welcome for the love, advice, and listening, its customary for all my friends and family and you’re no exception! Keep being great! Love you much too :P <3}
"I can tell by the stuff you do on here that you're a really caring person. <3
{You’re another friend I’ve just acquired and I think you’re great and caring too. I’m glad to have a friend like you and I hope we grow closer as such <3}
"I need you girl
war honja saranghago honjaseoman ibyeolhae (Im weird)
{haha you're too cutee~ You're such a sweetheart and i just wanna protect you in my arms foreverrr! Keep being awesome Taetae, love you lots <3}
"Okay you know I am a lazy and I hate writing so anyway. We have been through thick and thin and we will be best friends until the day we die. If you ever need someone to talk to, a person to cry with, or a person to laugh with.
Im here. Also if you need a funny memory to laugh about just think about us doing Just Dance in heels. "
{Lmao, I love you Jae!! We've been through anything and everything together for the past few years and could never ask for anyone better as my best friend, and no one better to do stupid things like doing Just Dance in heels with. I love you so much and I plan on growing up with you in my life, always <3}
"Okay UnnieAnd you're
You're amazing, kind, sweet, and if someone else in the world doesn't know that, well, they should.
just saying and I doubt you'd see
the if no one has told you that before, I'm telling you now!best, "
{Awe, thank you so much! <3 We don't talk too much but you're a great friend and I'm happy to have you in my AFF life, thank you for being awesome and so sweet <3}
"eat well and take care of yourself today"
"i'm only a "what the ” away"
"but fr tho"
  {LOL iboh you're the best, I would never block youuuuu you're great and make me laugh so hard, keep it up! Loveee youuuu <3}
❤️❤️I love all of my aff family ❤️❤️
Make a post on my wall, I want this segment to grow!
And that's it!
❤️Thank you all for the love❤️
ps Jae took my computer and added that part